Running Strategy-No Fear

On my quest to stop sabotaging my runs I came across a video by Dr Rob Bell a professional fitness coach.  In it he talks in-depth about NO FEAR an acronym he developed to explain how to be mentally tough.

Every run is a battle between your heart and mind and mental toughness is an absolute necessity for all runners.  I really loved this acronym and it is the perfect strategy/training tool, irrespective of your ability.

The framework helps you to find your obstacles whether mental or physical and can be used to create a plan of action to address them.  The action plan can be reviewed and refined to look at what works and what doesn’t work and changed for each goal you have.

I just wanted to share how I have used it as a tool to guide my running and perhaps show you how you could use it to progress on your own running journey.

Each letter relates to a sub heading.  Which can then be used to direct you.

N = Never Give Up

“Keep kicking, turn that cream into butter”  Dr Rob Bell

I use this section as my opportunity for a little self motivation and to remind myself why I am not going to give up.

I map progress as a reminder of my achievements.  I do this with Facebook and my Garmin.

I hold myself accountable-to family friends and to all my fellow running nuts.

O – Obstacles 

“No grain of sand, no pearl, turn your obstacles into opportunities”  Dr Rob Bell.

My obstacles – how do I turn them into an opportunity?


All my life I have been told I cannot do things because I have epilepsy and every time I have defied their expectations.  Having epilepsy has been my grain of sand which I have turned into many different pearls!  Therefore, running success is just another pearl in the making!

2. Fitness base or lack there of!

After living in the big city of London, it is time to get outside, enjoy the countryside and become active.  Fitness is a natural by-product of running,  and each run will be a step closer to being even fitter than I was before, no matter how small a run.

2. Time

Take running kit to work and run home.  If I Don’t take my bus pass I have to run home.   Perfect opportunity to see daylight and to run off stress and frustrations as well as meet my goals.

Planned long run with running buddies on Sundays.  Go for lunch afterwords for catch up to make it an even more attractive proposition.

  1. Negativity

Running negativity led to my first bog post Conquering Negativity on Tough Runs. This was my starting point on the journey to overcoming negativity.  NO FEAR is my framework to build my own mental toughness.  This is still a work in progress!

F- Focus

” Have a goal for everything you are doing” Dr Rob Bell

Goal – Currently Half Marathon

Focus on building up to distance by working to a plan.  Currently using run keeper half marathon plan

Create new mantra and positive inner dialogue for the tough sections of the run.  Thinking might change mine and use Dr Bell’s  ‘No grain of sand, no pearl’

Keep checking pace and form.  ‘Keep slow and steady, loose and ready, to win’

Do one thing on the run to create a positive memory of it to motivate for the next run.  Say hi to other runners and passers-by.

Most of all keep smiling.

E = Re-focus

’60 seconds spent looking at the mistakes is a minute lost looking at the play’ Dr Rob Bell. 

How was the run?

What worked well?  Can I build on this?

What didn’t?  What do I need to change to turn it around?

Re-focus plan


” the brain is a muscle, direct the brain that everything is a challenge, an opportunity” Dr Rob Bell

Be positive

Be determined

Be a runner

R= Respond

“Respond don’t react’ Dr Rob bell

Run went well – What is your next goal for your next run?

Run not so well – Opportunity to learn from it

Happy Running Total Running Nuts Everywhere.